The Importance of Gas Calibration Service for Gas Detectors

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The Importance of Gas Calibration Service for Gas Detectors

Gas detectors play a critical role in ensuring the safety of personnel and workers on a site. When used, calibrated, and properly maintained, gas detectors can be extremely effective and reliable in detecting and alerting people of hazardous and toxic gas in the environment.

What is gas calibration?

Gas calibration services are the best way for you to ensure the accuracy of your gas detection devices. During calibration, the gas detector’s sensors are adjusted to a known concentration of the target gas/es. These adjustments involve the modification of the gas detector’s response to bring the reading in line with what is expected while exposing the instrument to the known source.

Why is it important to calibrate gas detectors?

Like any instrument, gas detectors are subjected to constant wear and tear on the field. From exposure to extreme temperatures and humidity to the contamination of external elements like grease, silicon, and oil, these destructive factors can affect the sensitivity of the sensor, leading to reduced accuracy in gas detection.

Moreover, depending on where the gas detector is used, there are certain regulations that need to be abided by. According to the Singapore Gas Act, every gas calibration meter owned needs to be tested and calibrated in accordance with the Second Schedule before it can be installed and used.

Gas detection devices tend to keep a log of all calibrations and future scheduled calibration dates. By frequently calibrating our devices, we also help keep ourselves in line with the relevant regulations of the company, job site, and the authorities.

Getting a professional to help

Proper usage of gas detection devices begins with precise instrument calibration services. To ensure the best maintenance of your gas detection devices, it is always advisable to seek the help of a professional.

R K Instruments is your one-stop solution for all your gas calibration services needs. As the regional service center of Riken Keiki, we are backed up by a team of dedicated professionals and specialists for your fixed and portable gas detection systems.

From onsite calibration services to in-house repair, we make it convenient for clients to rely on our support.

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