l. Indication of B.A.C.: 0.00 to 4.00 %0 or 0.00 to 0.40%BAC
or 0.00 to 2.00 mg/I Br AC by LCD display
2. Sensor: Fuel Cell Sensor
3. Accuracy:± 10%BAC at 0.050 o/oBAC
4. Response time: Within 1 0 seconds at 0.100 %BAC
5. Warm up time: 3 seconds – 4 minutes
6. Mouthpiece: MPI 000
7. Power: Two 1.SV “AAA” size alkaline batteries &Auto Poweroff
8. Weights: 83.Sg (Including Batteries)
9. Dimension(mm): 97.S(height) X 53.8 (width) X 18 (thickness)
10.Ambient conditions: Operation (5 to 40C), Storage (0 to SOC)
11.Testing Capacity: Approx. 350-400 with new batteries
12.Certificates: CE


TX8800 | Alcohol Meter | Alcohol Tester

Alco9 TX8800 with the Fuel Cell Sensor Technology,is designed
to measure blood alcohol concentration within the human body.
It is an easy-to-operate, handy, compact breath alcohol tester with
high accuracy, making the AL8800 your reasonable choice.


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