Smart Transmitter / Gas Detector Model SD-1OX

Smart Transmitter / Gas Detector Model SD-1OX

TypeStand-alone gas detector
Detection gasOxygen
Sampling methodDiffusion
Explosion protected constructionFlameproof enclosure
ApprovalsATEX, IECEx, CE, TIIS


Model SD-1 Series is a upgraded and improved version on Model SD-705 & SD-805 series. It has line-up measurement of combustible gas, toxic gas, oxygen, and organic vapor detector/transmitter house in a robust and reliable explosion proof design for detecting LEL and ppm levels of hazardous atmospheres.

The SD-1 has an ATEX/IECEX approval for the explosion class ExdIICT5 and has an IP-65/67 ingress protection rating.

The SD-1 has a 4-20mA signal output as well as relay contacts for interfacing with other control systems or monitoring facilities. All SD-1 types are also available with HART communication instead of 4-20mA relay. SIL2 is available for the IR, EC and OX types.



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