MODEL GX-8000 O2

MODEL GX-8000 O2


  • Real-time, simultaneous detection of O2 combustible gas
  • ATEX & ExiaⅡCT4 approved
  • Water and dust resistant IP67
  • Loud alarm buzzer with 95dB
  • Strong sample drawing capability (0.75L/min)
  • Digital display & digital bargraph


MODEL GX-8000 O2 | Leak Detector Checker | O2 Gas Detector | O2 Sensors

The Riken Keiki Model GX-8000 is a portable single gas detector that delivers accurate readings. Its water-resistant and dust-resistant design helps the GX-8000 to provide reliable readings and pinpoint the source of gas leaks in all kinds of harsh environments.

The GX-8000 O2 is configured to detect oxygen (O2) gas in the air. Its ATEX & ExiaⅡCT4 certifications make this LEL detector suitable for challenging industrial and marine applications.

The GX-8000 O2 is compact and lightweight, providing the user with a more comfortable experience when carrying it on the field. An optional waist strap can be included for hands-free use as well.

Additional features of the GX-8000 include a strong sampling capacity (0.75L/min), loud 95dB alarm buzzer, 3 bright LED alarm windows, and a lithium ion rechargeable battery.


The GX-8000 O2 gas detector can be used for:
  • Confined spaces
  • Chemical plants/Petroleum refineries
  • Oil tankers/Chemical tankers
  • Gas plants/Gas supplier services
  • Power plant/Fuel cell facilities
  • Water treatment facilities


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