• Max 8 measuring gas range available
  • 2 way of sampling method (Pump suction or Hand aspirating)
  • Intermittent measuring mode available (For pump suction type only)
  • Suited for outdoor work.
  • Easy-to-read wide LCD display
  • Intrinsically safe (ATEX Presafe 14 ATEX 5711)


FI-8000 | Industrial Gas Detectors | Gas Detector Rental

The Riken Keiki Model FI-8000 is a portable multi-gas detector that delivers accurate readings. It offers a maximum of 8 measuring gaps that can cover most readings. Its wide LCD display makes it easy for the user to read the readings.

Being ATEX Presafe 14 and ATEX 5711 certified gives the user peace of mind as it is extremely safe to use. This model is suitable for bringing outdoors for doing outdoor work. The FI-8000 offers the user two different sampling methods – pump suction or hand aspirating, as well as an intermittent measuring mode for pump suction.


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