Advantages of Using Gastec Tube Detectors

Gastec Tubes

Advantages of Using Gastec Tube Detectors

Advantages of using gastec tube detectors

Gastec tubes are some of the handiest and versatile single gas detection you can find. They can detect the presence of a specific gas in the atmosphere, identifying flammable gases like oxygen and toxic gases like carbon monoxide. These tubes are available for over 300 different types of gases. They are easy to use in personal exposure monitoring and area sampling.

Uses Of Gastec Tube Single Gas Detectors

Gastec tubes can be used in a variety of applications. Most commonly, they can be used in environments requiring:

  • Identification of unknown gases
  • Analyzing the quality of breathing air
  • Spot sampling of gases at a site
  • Measuring time-weighted average (TWA) personal exposures

Gastec tubes consist of a sealed glass tube containing a chemical reagent that absorbs and reacts with the target gas being measured. A color change then occurs, indicating the target gas concentration. This can be read alongside the pinpoint accurate measurement scale on the tube.

Advantages Of Using Gastec Tube Detectors Over Other Gas Detector Devices

Though gastec tubes may be a traditional method of gas measurement, the technology it uses still makes them reliable detectors that can rival the accuracy of other LEL gas detectors.

Gastec tubes are continuously being developed for new applications and are available for all gas types and concentrations that may not be detected by other gas detection technologies.

For instance, multi-gas detectors have sensors that can be influenced by external environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and the presence of coexisting gases. This can result in unreliable detection of certain dangerous gases, causing safety endangerment of personnel on the site.

Another benefit of O2 gas detectors is that they are pre-calibrated. Easily portable and lightweight, they can be used on the field immediately without the need for calibration, making them a low-cost measurement device.

Being compact, gastec tubes can be easily stored in a box when not in use. As long as they are kept in a cool and dark environment, gastec tubes do not require servicing and can last up to three years from the manufactured date. They are excellent measurement tools to have during an emergency.

How To Use Gastec Tubes Systems

Gastec tube systems consist of a single gas detector tube and a sampling pump. To take a sample of gas, follow these steps:

  1. Break the tube tips, push in the pump handle and insert the tube
  2. Align the guide marks on the pump body and handle, and pull out the handle until it locks
  3. Wait for a minute before reading the concentration at the color-changed area.
  4. Repeat the sampling procedure to increase the reliability of the results

Reliable Gastec Tube Providers - R K Instruments

At Riken Keiki, we offer gas detector tube systems that deliver effective and efficient results. Using colorimetric technology, our high-quality gastec tubes can accurately analyze a wide range of gases, vapors, and ground substances.

Be it spot sampling or screening, our portable gastec single gas detectors allow users to monitor and detect the presence of hazardous and toxic gases in all kinds of industrial environments.



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The Importance of Gas Calibration Service for Gas Detectors

calibration services

The Importance of Gas Calibration Service for Gas Detectors

Gas detectors play a critical role in ensuring the safety of personnel and workers on a site. When used, calibrated, and properly maintained, gas detectors can be extremely effective and reliable in detecting and alerting people of hazardous and toxic gas in the environment.

What is gas calibration?

Gas calibration services are the best way for you to ensure the accuracy of your gas detection devices. During calibration, the gas detector’s sensors are adjusted to a known concentration of the target gas/es. These adjustments involve the modification of the gas detector’s response to bring the reading in line with what is expected while exposing the instrument to the known source.

Why is it important to calibrate gas detectors?

Like any instrument, gas detectors are subjected to constant wear and tear on the field. From exposure to extreme temperatures and humidity to the contamination of external elements like grease, silicon, and oil, these destructive factors can affect the sensitivity of the sensor, leading to reduced accuracy in gas detection.

Moreover, depending on where the gas detector is used, there are certain regulations that need to be abided by. According to the Singapore Gas Act, every gas calibration meter owned needs to be tested and calibrated in accordance with the Second Schedule before it can be installed and used.

Gas detection devices tend to keep a log of all calibrations and future scheduled calibration dates. By frequently calibrating our devices, we also help keep ourselves in line with the relevant regulations of the company, job site, and the authorities.

Getting a professional to help

Proper usage of gas detection devices begins with precise instrument calibration services. To ensure the best maintenance of your gas detection devices, it is always advisable to seek the help of a professional.

R K Instruments is your one-stop solution for all your gas calibration services needs. As the regional service center of Riken Keiki, we are backed up by a team of dedicated professionals and specialists for your fixed and portable gas detection systems.

From onsite calibration services to in-house repair, we make it convenient for clients to rely on our support.

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The Uses of Portable Gas Detectors

portable industrial gas detectors

The Uses of Portable Gas Detectors

As more companies start to rely on automation and expand their scope of operations, it has become challenging for chemical processing and building industries to monitor personnel and ensure worker safety in the field. Recent breakthroughs in technology have contributed to the development of portable gas detectors which have significantly improved work safety in such industries.

Today, portable gas detectors and monitoring equipment are mainly used by safety managers to identify threats and preemptively create safety protocols for workers. In workplaces where hazardous gas leaks are possible, these portable gas detectors help to prevent accidents and exposures to dangerous areas. Here are some valuable uses of gas detectors.

Portable industrial gas detectors in confined spaces

In places that are small or confined, installing fixed gas detectors may not be necessary unless constant monitoring is required. On the other hand, Personal and Portable gas detectors can be used in compact areas with limited ventilation to detect the presence of toxic gases and oxygen levels in the air. With their accurate sensors, they are able to detect any deficiency or gas leaks and help safety officers take immediate action to ensure the safety of everyone in the vicinity.

Portable gas detectors in places with atypical oxygen levels

For workplaces dealing with high concentrations of oxygen, the threat of fire and explosion can be simply caused by minor frictional sparks. It is crucial for workers to carry portable multi gas detectors in person at all times. These devices constantly monitor the levels of oxygen in the environment, effectively warning anyone of the possibility of gas leaks. With its audible alarm, it kept them aware of the situation around them. Similarly, these devices also help to detect the lack of oxygen in the environment which can have adverse effects on the workers’ consciousness and physical capacities.

Portable industrial gas detectors in new, unexplored areas

In building and mining industries, workers often come across new and unexplored areas when digging through the ground. Portable gas detectors that have a built-in pump and compact, easy-to-use, and reliable, can be carried on the body to protect users from potentially harmful natural and toxic gases in the environment. Moreover, these monitoring devices can store data and readings for convenience as well.

Portable gas detectors in regulation compliance

In Singapore, strict occupational health and safety regulations are put in place to mitigate the risks of workplace hazards for workers. In chemical and gas processing industries, it is inevitable that workers come into contact with hazardous chemicals and gases. To keep workers safe in accordance with the rules and regulations, portable gas detectors can be used to identify risks and allow safety managers to take the appropriate steps to avoid injuries.

Choosing the right portable gas detector

When it comes to looking for suitable portable gas detectors, one should pay attention to the capabilities it can offer. For instance, the certain environment requires special attention such as the number of gases they wish to detect, audible and visual alarms, pump options. To improve workplace safety, it is crucial to rely on sensitive and high-quality equipment.

R K Instruments is a leading provider of certified gas detection equipment. Our advanced portable gas detection systems have helped many companies ensure the lowest risk and highest level of protection for their most valuable resources. To learn more about our services, contact us for a quote today.

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